Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weddings At Sea

An afternoon of sun
and sea, is there
anything sweeter in
Southern California?

The most unique
wedding ideas are
sparked by your
imagination, and
not by tradition.

Invited guests are welcomed onboard by the uniformed Captain and Crew.
They are greeted with smiles and warmth by the professional
staff on duty for your big day. The Bride is sequestered in the Bridal
Suite while guests enjoy a stroll on the deck, or visit the bar prior
to the ceremony.

Once ready for departure and all guests are seated, the ceremony
commences while cruising the tranquil waters of Marina del Rey.
Sparkling chandelier overhead, white lights around the deck and
fragrant flowers reflect your style, warmth and romance during
the ceremony amongst loved ones.

Afternoon cruising offers your guests the opportunity to experience
the full beauty of the Marina with stretches of lavish residences,
and the hundreds of sail boats cruising the main channel.

Either married by one of our uniformed Captains or a minister
of your choosing, the smooth marina setting reflects the natural
elements of beauty in the harbor and allows for your guests to
experience the Southern California Coast while enjoying your Wedding.

For more information on how you can "Cruise through Your Wedding"
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Friday, November 13, 2009

Weddings With a Theme

Theme weddings have become
very popular over the last
In fact, 40% of couples will
choose to plan their wedding
around a favorite theme.
Some of these themes are
simple like beach weddings
and others are more extravagent like
getting married at a ball park or exchanging
rings while jumping out of a plane with their
whole wedding party in tow. Either way, theme
weddings are fun and completely personal.

So how can you pull it off?

A major problem that many engaged couples encounter
when they are planning a theme wedding is that there is
a heck of a lot more to research than just flowers and
place settings.

For example, suppose you and your fiancé both have some
Irish ancestry and have decided that you want to have an
Irish-themed wedding.
How would you know that:

* The traditional color for an Irish bride is NOT green...

* In Ireland, it is good luck for someone to throw an old shoe over the bride's head as she leaves the church...

* There is a right kind and a wrong kind of bagpiper to have play at an Irish wedding...

... and the list goes on!

by Wedding Guide of Alaska

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Register to Buy a Home

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Angie Weeks, The Weeks Team, Realtors