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Five ways to customize men’s wedding rings

21st February 2018 by Rebecca Smyth, posted in Wedding Bells
There’s been a tangible shift in men's jewelry trends in the past two decades. Gone are the days of simply picking out a plain wedding band just days before the wedding ceremony.
Wedding ring styles for men have seen the classics updated with textures and colours. However, it hasn’t stopped there. The goal post has moved into new territory on what’s possible to seal the deal on your special day!
So here’s what you can do…


Classic wedding bands have evolved over the past years to include different shape profiles when viewed in a cross section. For the most comfortable, court and D-shaped styles are the way forward. Flat and beveled styles are clean and modern. For comfort with an edge, knife edge and concave styles take the prize.
mens wedding ring
plain mens wedding bands

Mixed Metal

Can’t decide on just one metal? Now you don’t have to! Mixing metals is now very on trend with many wedding band styles available in two or more metals combined.

mixed metal mens wedding ring
mixed metal mens wedding ring with a round blue sapphire
mixed metal matte finish mens wedding ring

Metal Finishes

Now that you have found your wedding band, why not add a texture to personalize the finish? The most popular textured finishes are matte, brushed, hammered and satin.
ring metal finishes copy


In the age of personalization, the classic symbol of fidelity is the perfect canvas to customize. The band can have a message inscribed on the inside or outside. You or your beloved’s heartbeat (electrocardiograph) or fingerprint (no two are alike) can be engraved into each other’s bands. Go one step further and have patterns engraved on the outside of your ring, from organic to geometric.

heartbeat engraving wedding ring
hand engraved mens wedding ring rose gold
mens wedding ring engraved inscription

Gemstone Set

Gone are days when only the ladies get gemstones! Men are embracing diamonds and colored gemstones in their wedding band designs. Diamonds–the hardest gemstone on the planet–are the perfect choice for their rarity and durability. Sapphires follow closely behind on hardness and they’re available in most colors. Or you can have a gemstone set on the inside of your band like your partner’s birthstone to let them know you are always with them.
Which customizations will you choose?

Monday, September 17, 2018

The Latest Trends For Bridesmaids Dresses

Photo Credit: Amy Kate

The wedding industry has seen some major wedding attire changes in the past few years. In 2016 & 2017, the major change was the bridal gown. Last year, the major change was in the brides gown. Many bride’s were married in dresses that were virtually sheer. Designers used the talent with lace to cover the essentials.

During this bold time in bridal, industry leaders like Azazie. Azazie helped the bride who wanted the trendy look but did not want to sacrifice class and charm. Gowns were designed that gave the coverage needed, with sheer overlay, lace, and nude tones.

Bridesmaids were dressed in A-line dresses, split up the leg to the thigh, with a sweetheart or mock low cut dresses, usually in a single color and design. The trend for this year looks much different.

What is a bridesmaid and how does it affect what she wears?
  • If you have never been a bridesmaid you, may think that all they do is put on a pretty dress and spend a few hours having her hair done, posing for photographs. However, that is not even close to what being a bridesmaid includes. The word should clue you in. A bridesmaid is an attendant for the bride. A groomsman is an attendant for the groom.

Photo credit: Mihai Stefan Photography

Today’s bridesmaid

Today’s bridesmaid helps the bride put the wedding together. They may help with the invitations. They may monitor the wedding fund that is online. They could remove items already purchased and post more items that the couple wants.

The bridesmaids normally give the bride a wedding shower or a bachelorette party. Today’s bridesmaid does not dress like the bride. However, she does dress in a formal dress of the brides choice.

At the wedding, the bridesmaid is on full alert. She helps the bride prepare. If something is forgotten, the bridesmaid takes care of the situation. She shields the bride as much as possible.

She is on her feet for hours that day. While the bridesmaid needs to be beautiful, a bride needs to select a gown that is low maintenance, and comfortable. Many bridesmaids walking shoes while the getting ready part takes place. When it is time to line up for the wedding, she slips into her heels.


This year you will notice bridesmaid’s will wear understated and chic gowns. Her dress needs to be below the knee, brushing the calf, or tea-length. Few bridesmaids will be wearing dresses that are long, The only dress that is floor-length will be worn by the bride.

The trend for this season is to wear a dress that has a discrete and sexy overtone. One way the bridesmaid is pulling this off is by wearing a dress that would normally have tiny straps, but trading the straps for a sexy little cup sleeve. Mock necklines is another easy way to have the sex appeal tastefully.  Lace that goes over a sweetheart neckline, and fastens at the back of the neck is lovely.

  • The simple changes give the bridesmaids a classy look. The bridesmaids are having their sensuality is a big way with the backs of the dresses. A low cut back looks beautiful as the bridesmaids are walking down the aisle. Since the hemlines are tea-length (or close to it) a high-low dress works well. From behind they look like they are wearing a full-length gown. When they turn around the sorter from hem is stunning.


The colors you can expect this year are:
  • Dusty rose
  • Sea green
  • Gunmetal blue
  • Blush pink
  • Coral
  • Teal

These colors go well indoors or outdoors. These colors are great for weddings venues such as:

  • Parks & gazebo
  • Small church weddings
  • Backyard weddings
  • Weddings on the beach
  • Vineyards

Extremely formal wedding colors

  • Navy blue
  • Champagne
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Deep red
  • Deep green
  • Ivory
  • Cream

The venues these colors will work well in are:
  • Fine cathedrals
  • A hotel venue
  • A smaller church

Photo credit: secret garden


The current trend for flowers for brides and bridesmaids are very large and colorful bouquets. The blooms are completely open. The flowers are embellished with a lot of greenery.

The flowers are normally placed in the center of the table as a centerpiece. The bride's bouquet will be the largest, and it is usually placed at the bridal table.

In many weddings, the final duty of the bridesmaid is to gather the flowers and donate the to a retirement home. Residents rarely receive anything o beautiful. If you can take them inside you will be so happy. The retirement home keeps records. They can make sure that someone who is lonely gets a vase of beautiful flowers.

Your wedding can be everything  you want it to be. Tradition always starts with one person. You could be that bride who introduces a new trend that will change the look of the bride of the future!