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Wedding Traditions

You may be interested in the origins of some popular traditions included in observing your marriage. Bridal gowns, for example, are white because the Greeks believed white embodied purity, innocence and joyfulness. Wedding veils have always symbolized modesty, privacy, youth and maiden hood. That way of thinking still has a foothold; bridal etiquette authorities today advise second-time brides to skip the veil and wear a less traditional headpiece instead. Most are familiar with the poem about bridal attire: “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a lucky sixpence in your shoe.” What’s not generally known is that if a bride borrows an item from a happily married woman, the giver’s happiness is said to be passed on to the bride. Something blue symbolizes constancy in a relationship. The bridal garter originates from at least two cultures. In ancient times, it represented the virginal girdle; the groom’s removal of the garter symbolized her relinquishment of that status. The garter can also be traced to the Old English custom of flinging the stocking. Wedding guests would sneak into the bridal chamber, pick up the newlywed’s discarded stockings and throw them at the couple. Whoever flung a stocking that hung on the bride or groom’s nose would be the next to marry. Wedding bands, symbolizing eternal love by their lack of a beginning or end, grew out of an ancient tribal custom of using circlets of grass to decorate a bride’s wrists and ankles. The Romans and Egyptians, with their love of precious metals and stones, initiated the practice of using silver and gold. Rings are worn yet today on the third finger of the left hand because ancient cultures believed that finger had a vein running straight to the heart. Happy Holidays to you, your families and loved ones from The Wedding Guide!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Wedding Planning

Following the thrill of engagement, comes the excitement of wedding planning and the hundreds of decisions that need to be made to make your special day come true. Attending a bridal show is one of the best ways to shop and compare wedding ideas and local services. Attending a bridal show can be overwhelming but extremely helpful in providing needed information and services, inspirations, wedding planning memories as well as awesome savings. In order to take advantage of all of the benefits bridal shows have to offer, it is best to be prepared. Not all Bridal Shows are created equal. Find a show that best fits your style and event. By paying attention to the location where the bridal show is being held, this can help you determine a bridal show that will best fit your style. Talk with other brides about shows they have attended or check internet reviews for upcoming shows. Shopping and comparing wedding services and ideas can take time, so plan to make a day of it. Arrive early to see everything and be able to have the opportunity to speak to wedding professionals about your day. Be sure to bring along your support team. Moms, maid of honors, bridesmaids and fianc├ęs are encouraged to attend. Not only will you appreciate their support and their help in carrying collected wedding materials, but you will have created a lasting wedding planning memory. As soon as you are engaged, create a wedding email address. This is a great way to keep your wedding information organized. You might also want to print labels that include your name, address, email address, telephone and wedding date to use at the bridal shows to enter contests or request information from wedding companies. Bring a check list of services that you need but be prepared to soak in creative and unique ideas and services that you may not have thought of that can make your day complete. Bring along your digital camera/smart phone. Not only do most bridal shows allow them, they are encouraged. What better way to remember all that you have seen and to compare ideas, then by capturing them in a photo. Remember to share your bridal show experience with others via facebook, twitter and instagram. If you have chosen colors for your wedding, bring along a swatch to show potential wedding vendors. If not, pay attention to displays and designs to get an idea of the hottest new color combinations, colors that work well together as well as what you envision would work best for your event. Take the time to talk with the wedding professional. They can provide you with expert wedding advise, answer questions and give you ideas that you had not thought of before. Your wedding will be a very personal experience. By talking with exhibitors, you will know who will be the best fit for your special day. If you find a service you like, you can book at the event or schedule a follow up appointment. Be sure to follow up right away to ensure that they have your date available. Take advantage of show discounts and give-aways. Most bridal shows will offer a number of bridal shows discounts as well as door prizes that are given away during and after the fashion show. Complete wedding packages, honeymoons, photobooths and dj services are just some of the many door prizes available to brides. Exhibitors will generally offer a show discount at their booths which can result in huge savings. Cake and food samples offered at bridal shows are a great way to compare cuisine but be sure to eat before the bridal show as the cake samples won’t be enough to get you through the day. Bridal show fashion shows feature the latest in bridal gowns and attendants wear. Although it is great to shop for gowns in magazines or on the internet, nothing will give you a preview than what your gown and your attendants’ attire will look like than to see the gowns in person on the catwalk. Bridal gown shops are generally on hand to answer your fashion questions. With all the many details that are involved in planning a wedding, no other source provides a better opportunity to shop and compare services than a bridal show. Look for 2015 Premier Bridal Shows in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, Long Beach and the Inland Empire (