Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Congratulations Brides-To-Be

It’s the Holidays,
and that usually
means couples all
over the world
are getting

If you are a
planning your
upcoming Wedding,


What a great way to
start out the new year!

And there are so many
Bridal shows
in January to choose from.
Choose wisely, because some are
better than others.
We recommend all the shows that
we will be attending which are
listed under Bridal Shows on our

These snow scenes are beautiful,
but it sure is nice to be outside
in the warm sunshine like today.
Days like today and yesterday, are
the reason we all love living in
sunny Southern California!
The snow is fun to visit, but living
in it every day is a different story.
For comfort, I’ll take a beach scene
over a snow scene any day!
Snowboarding works great in the sand.
Sand is a lot like snow, but much warmer.

We hope your Christmas was just as
wonderful as ours was, and that you all
have a safe, and very Happy New Year.

Try to slow your life down, relax and
enjoy the rest of this year with your
Family & Friends.

We’ll see you in January...

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Importance of Stopping

The Importance of Stopping

Your body is
meant to be
in a state of
Yin and Yang,
activity and
rest, being
and doing.
Your body is
giving you
feedback about
the necessity of stopping
(Via feelings of fatigue, stress, etc,).
If you do not pay attention to your body’s
messages, you may just get a cold. People
that have truly learned that art of not
paying attention to their body may develop
more severe physical or emotional problems.
(In addition to not feeling well, there are
time costs to not being in optimum physical
health-i.e.-doctors visits, needing more rest
and sleep than normal, etc.) There is a reason
people feel so good after a Yoga class or
meditating or a walk in nature.
They are giving the body what it needs.
The body needs you to stop.

What is so great about stopping is that
when you go again you are more efficient,
productive and creative. As a matter of
fact, one of the biggest ways people
LOSE TIME is to be constantly busy.
There are many cycles and rhythms in life
and the more we attune to our own energy rhythms,
the more we will allow ourselves to stop. How many
people do you know that are happy being constantly busy?
Yes, there is a temporarily relief to get one more thing
done on your list. However, develop the trust and faith
that if you slow down you will give yourself MORE TIME.

Stopping is a way to receive from life. Take in life;
take in your partner. Savor your food; do not eat to fast.
Enjoy your children. Remember the real reasons why you do
the things you do. It is probably to enjoy your life more.

So stop, take a nice deep breath in, exhale all the way out
and slow down. See how much your life improves.

by Todd Creager, Relationship Therapist