Thursday, February 23, 2012

Selecting Your Bridal Gown

Buying your Wedding Gown
should be absolutely the
most fun of all your
wedding planning.
Here are some tips for
making it a memorable
and pleasant experience
to look back on.

• Go to a store where you feel comfortable.
If you don't feel like you are being treated well,
or are unhappy with the selection, go elsewhere.
Don't try on any dresses if you wouldn't buy one
there. This is your time to feel like a Queen!

• Don't go shopping if you aren't feeling well.
If you are bloated, sunburned, or in any way feel
ugly or uncomfortable, you won't feel as beautiful
as you should.

• Take someone with you, but not a small army, and
never any children. They get bored instantly, and
will make you crazy, since they really shouldn't
touch anything in the store.

• Minimize or don’t wear any make-up, it will get on
the gowns you try on. Also, remove jewelry since the
satins and silks used for Bridal dresses are very
delicate, and will snag or damage easily. Once you
purchase your gown, remember these things for your
fittings as well.

• Bridal Gown sizes run small. Don't think about the
size, but the fit. Order the size you are now, don't
expect to lose a lot of weight. If you do lose weight,
you can always have the gown taken in, which is much
easier and less costly.

• Expect to have alterations done. Your dress should fit
perfectly and very few women are a perfect size, and
5'9" tall. Buying separates can minimize this problem.
Remember, you can’t have alterations done until you
have the shoes, slip (if you are wearing a full skirt)
and bra you will be wearing with your dress.

• Try on different styles. Be open to possibilities.
You may discover that the perfect gown is completely
different from what you had imagined.

• Try to be realistic. You may have been dreaming of
your gown since you were a little girl. Your dress
should be fantastic and make you feel beautiful, but
don't have unrealistic expectations.

• Start early! Most gowns take several weeks to arrive,
and some manufacturers can take months. Also consider
buying a gown off-the-rack. These are usually discounted
and can be cleaned, then altered to fit.

• When figuring your dress in your budget, don't forget
to add in accessories and alterations.

• Buy your gown first, then match it when purchasing your
headpiece, veil and accessories.

• Accentuate your best features and camoflauge flaws.
Choose a dress that you are comfortable in, because you
will be wearing it for a several hours. Keep that in
mind with your shoes too - break them in beforehand.
It is hard to have fun when your feet hurt!

• You don't have to buy the first dress you find that
you like. Visit several shops and be sure before you
place your order since your deposit is non-refundable.
Most shops require half down as a deposit.

• Have fun trying on several dresses before making your
choice, but don't look forever. You can’t move on to
other decisions such as bridemaids’ and flowergirl dresses
until you select your gown. Besides, if you look too
long, you will start to get confused by too many choices.

• Your gown sets the mood for your wedding, whether it
will be formal, semi formal, traditional, etc. Your gown
should reflect the style and formality you intend to have
for your wedding.

• Once you are sure you have found the perfect gown,
buy it!
Bargain hunting is usually frustrating and futile.
Avoid buying from the internet, since you can't see what
you are getting, and have no retail location where you
can try the dress on or come back to with any problems.

• Custom designed gowns or redesigning a once-worn dress
are other options to consider.

• Most important of all, just relax and have fun shopping!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mardi Gras at the DoubleTree Orange

Brides and Groom's
can celebrate
Mardi Gras'
"Fat Tuesday"
tonight at the
DoubleTree in
Orange for FREE!

Today, Tuesday, Feb 21, 2012
from 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

The DoubleTree Orange
100 The City Drive

Friday, February 17, 2012

Weeekend Shopping for Bridal Gowns

A Legendary Affair
Bridal Gown Sample Sale
Saturday, February 18, 2012 • 10:00-2:00
Maggie Sottero, Jasmine, & 2BE Bridal Gowns
from Bridal Elegance, all at 50% off!
Beautiful, unique Stella & Dot Jewelry, & More!
505 N Sepulveda Bl - Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
(310) 372-5200

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Double-Treat at the DoubleTree

Brides have a Double-Treat this month at
the DoubleTree Hotel in Orange.

Brides and Grooms can visit the
beautiful DoubleTree Hotel on
Sunday, February 12th at the
Premier Bridal show, and again
on Tuesday evening, February 21st
for the monthly OC Brides event.

At both of these events there will be
a variety of different local Wedding
professionals that will help you to
create your dream Wedding, offering
new ideas, and great raffle prizes.

Plus, you can see a Wedding ceremony
set up and ready for your special day.
All that is missing is you!

See you there...

DoubleTree Orange
100 The City Drive, Orange, CA 92868

Sunday, February 12, 2012
11:00am - 4:00pm

OC Brides
Monthly Events Free to Brides!
Tuesday, February 21, 2012
6:30pm - 9:00pm

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Weddings In Season

Years ago, the
”Wedding Season”
was May through
Now, so many
more months
have been added
to the list, there
is not as much of
an off season.

Surprisingly, the
term "June Bride"
isn't always the norm.
June is actually no longer the
busiest month for Weddings as it
had been for years.
In recent years, August has
been the month with the most
Weddings, but that seems to be changing
recently too.
October is becoming one of the most popular,
with November, March and April close behind.

This s due to the growing number of savvy Brides
who know that when planning your Wedding, there
is one simple way to save money, make booking
your Wedding services easier and may include
more extras at no charge.

Just like when you book a cruise, air fares, hotels
and resorts during their off season, the rates will
go down when Wedding locations are not as busy.
You may also receive better service when things
are not so hectic, and their staff isn’t stretched
thin with so many events on the same day.

Fridays and Sundays are also not as popular as
Saturdays, so may have the same benefits when

Any events held on a Monday through Thursday,
will have the best discounts, and may solve
your problem of too many guests.

This is something you may want to also think
about for a shower, Bachelorette party, and
for your honeymoon.

Until next Thursday...