Friday, January 22, 2010

California Weddings in 2010

Wow, is it the middle
of January already?!!

It’s time for me to get
back to doing my weekly blog.

With the Holidays, and working
on the 2010 issue, getting the
book ready to print, it has been
a very busy end of the year for us.

Now, January is an even busier month!

‘Tis the season for Bridal shows.

This is a great year for a Wedding!

Now is the time to do your planning.

We will be attending several Bridal shows every
weekend in January and February.

As a Bride, you should attend a couple of shows,
and enjoy being “a star for the day”.

Check out the list of local Bridal Shows on our
website at:

Please come by our booth if you are at a local
Bridal show listed on our website, to pick up a
copy of our brand new 2010 issue of The Wedding Guide,
and to say “Hi!” to whoever is working at our booth.

I will be attending most of the shows myself, but when
there are two or three shows on the same day, either my
husband and daughter, or a friend will be at some of my
booths handing out books at the conflicting shows.
I would love to meet you!

Above is our cover for our 2010 issue.

Remember to always BRING ADDRESS LABELS to the shows to
make your day easier.

On a personal note:

My daughter just turned 15 last week.
What people say is so true, she is growing up way too fast
for me.
It’s hard to believe that it has been fifteen years since we
were blessed to have her come into our lives!

With this crazy weather I hope everyone is staying warm and dry.

I wish everyone who reads this, a very healthly and happy 2010!


Until next Friday...