Friday, March 26, 2010

March Weddings

Can you believe it is only
one week before Easter?

This is a great time for a
spring Wedding!

March is still considered the
“off season” so as a Bride you
can take advantage of reduced
rates by having your Wedding
this month.

In Southern California we
don’t usually need to plan
around harsh weather.

This weekend is going to be warm and sunny,
perfect spring days. This is absolutely the
best weather for your Wedding.

In the summer months, it is very hot for you
as a Bride with your gown and veil. You want
to feel fresh on your Wedding day, and not hot,
sweaty and sticky. Not to mention all the men
in tuxedos. Keep this in mind, especially if
you are planning to have an outdoor Wedding.

If you are having an outdoor ceremony or reception,
you must always have a back-up plan in case of rain,
strong winds, or intense sunshine.
This means either a room at the site, or a rental
company who can tent your event. In your planning,
you want to think of the comfort of you and your
guests, as well as the food, cake and decorations.

Enjoy the weekend, and a warm
Brides and Grooms getting married
in March!

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring is Here

Today is Saturday,
the first day of
And, what a wonderfully
warm and beautiful day
it is!

A day like today reminds me
of why we live in sunny,
Southern California.

You should be outside
enjoying the sunshine
instead of being inside
on your computer!

I am having issues with my computer.
So many that it needs to go in for
repair. That is never fun.
It's means a lot of extra work
to back up all your information,and
hope that you don't lose anything
important. And, going without your
computer is impossible.

I would say that is a good excuse to
sign off and go enjoy the rest of the
day! I suggest that you do the same,
and come back to your computer after
sunset. It will still be here, patiently
waiting for your return...

Friday, March 12, 2010

Think of a Wedding in Ireland

Irish Toast

Health and a long life to you.
Land without rent to you.
A child every year to you.
And if you can't go to heaven,
May you at least die in Ireland!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Ireland is also known as the Emerald Isle
because of its beautiful green countryside.
Rolling farmlands, which are mainly pasture,
cover much of the central part of the country,
and mountains rise near the coasts.

Large numbers of young people in Ireland once remained
single and lived with their parents until they were over the
age of 30. Farmland and jobs were scarce, and few young
people could afford to marry and raise families. However,
marriage practices have changed, and today young people
marry earlier than they did in the past.

The Roman Catholic Church has long played a major role in
Irish social life. Almost every Irish city has a Catholic cathedral,
and nearly all the towns and villages have a Catholic church.
Most people attend church regularly.

Many of the Irish enjoy visiting their neighborhood pub (public house).
People gather in the country's pubs to drink beer and whiskey, talk with
friends, and listen to music.

The favorite alcoholic drink in Ireland is beer. A type of beer called stout
is especially popular. The Irish use barley malt to make Irish whiskey,
a world-famous liquor. A drink called Irish coffee is made with coffee,
Irish whiskey, brown sugar, and cream.

One of Ireland's most famous dishes is Irish stew. This dish is made by
boiling layers of potatoes, onions, and pieces of mutton in a covered pot.
Another traditional Irish meal consists of boiled salt pork, cabbage, and

Many people consider the Irish to be exceptionally warm-hearted and friendly.
The Irish also have a reputation for hospitality, close family ties, and skill as
writers and storytellers.

It sounds like a wonderful place for a Wedding!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wedding Fun Facts

Fun Facts

There used to be a good reason for
the bride to stand at the altar at the
left hand of the groom and on the way
out of the church, to be on his left arm.

It was not just a meaningless matter of
etiquette. It enabled the groom to keep
his right (and sword) hand free to defend
his bride and himself from attack and capture
by jealous rivals.

BRIDAL PHOTOS: The first photograph of a bride
was made in 1854 by a pair of ‘daguerreotypists’
named Southworth & Hawes. Have you selected
your Daguerreotypist yet?

THE TOAST: In days of yore, a piece of toasted bread
was placed in the bottom of a wine goblet which was
then passed to every guest. The last to receive it was
the honored lady. She ate the wine soaked toast and
received everyone’s compliments. The custom of sharing
a drink then became known as a toast. The traditional toast
to the newlyweds is “Health, Wealth and Happiness.”