Friday, July 29, 2011

Bridal Accessories

What will you be wearing
when you have your hair
and make-up done on your
Wedding day?

What will your Bridesmaids
be wearing?

How will the photos look of
you and your Bridal party
getting ready?

You should be wearing a Plush Bridal
Sarong from Private Quarters!

Soft and cozy, our plush Bridal sarong
will keep you comfortable and looking
good for your
pictures as you prepare for saying “I do”.

Flower Sarong is perfect for Bridesmaids
or on your honeymoon.

• Merchandise is delivered directly to your door

• All prices include sales tax and shipping charges

Private Quarters Bridal Accessories:

Bridal Sarong.....$77.00

Flower Sarong.....$46.00

Leopard Sarong....$46.00

Ballet Slippers...$26.00

Travel Pillow Set..$88.00

Head Massager......$14.00

To place an order contact
Debbie at: (562) 425-7069

• only $ 77.00 to have your Bridal Sarong shipped directly to your house!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Selecting the Right Wedding Officiant

Selecting the Right Wedding Officiant
by Priscilla A. Munson

Soon after you’ve set your date,
chosen the location, settled on
your colors and started searching
for your perfect dress, invitations,
etc., you’ll want to turn your
attention to the centerpiece of your
wedding day...
The Ceremony and The Person Who Will
Marry You.

Many couples rely on their own pastor,
minister, priest, rabbi or a justice
of the peace, to do the honors.

However, if you don't have one, or prefer a
non-denominational, inter-faith, spiritual, thematic,
semi-religious or non-religious ceremony -- written to
your specifications -- you'll need to hire a
Wedding Officiant to guide the process and legally
preside over your vows.

So where do you begin? With the end in mind!

Ideally, your ceremony (like every other aspect of your
wedding) is the outward expression of your personalities,
values, beliefs and traditions, all blended into a ritual
that is the ceremonial container
for the celebration of your love.

Start by asking each other about the ceremonies you remember
that really touched you. Reflect
together on what made them special and why you can still
recall them to this day. Discuss your
religious, ethnic, cultural and/or family wedding traditions.
Brainstorm. Take a big sheet of paper
and write it all down. Decide if there will be a theme or
main message and about how long your
ceremony will be. List the key words / phrases you always
imagined you’d say to each other at your wedding, or have
spoken on your behalf. Gather up your favorite poems, stories,
quotes and songs. Consider asking a family member or special
friend to do a reading or perform music. And before long,
a style will emerge from all these elements that will be the
unique representation of who you two are --
in life and in love.

Next, ask each other about the qualities you want in your
wedding officiant, and add them to your list. Ultimately,
their personality, temperament and presentation style should
match the vision you have in
mind, because they'll be representing you through their words
and presence, setting the tone for your marriage, and the mood
of your wedding.

Some wedding officiants will have a more serious or formal
demeanor. Others will be casual or even add their own special
brand of humor to the officiating process. Most recognize their
assignment as a sacred trust. It’s up to you to know what you
are looking for so you’ll recognize them when you find them...
on the internet, by referral from your wedding planner or other
vendor, from family or friends.

Remember this: Your wedding officiant works for you, not the
other way around!

So take your time. Interview prospective officiants either in
person or over the phone. Ask them to
describe their ceremonies, how they work with couples, and what
their services entail. Share your
ideas and find out how willing they are to incorporate them.
Explore why they are an officiant, their professional writing &
public speaking experience, and views on love and marriage.
Look at photographs and testimonials. Ask yourselves, above all,
if you feel comfortable with this person. You should feel
a strong sense of rapport, confidence, trust, and that you just click.

Because, then, after all the meetings, phone calls and emails,
when the big day finally arrives and you’re standing there together,
you’ll feel like you’ve known each other for a long time, and that
they really care about you and your marriage.

In Selecting The Right Wedding Officiant, be sure to allocate a
reasonable amount of money in your budget ($350-550 for a custom
ceremony; additional for the rehearsal, travel time and license
coordination). The most talented ones will be booked several months
in advance, so be sure to start your search early!

And when you find that perfect person, lock them in right away, so you
can relax and enjoy a leisurely planning process in their capable hands.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shopping for Your Wedding Services

With the economy
as it is, engaged
couples are being
much more budget
conscious when
shopping for their
Wedding services.

This is good news for vendors
who have established a good
reputation for having great
products and services to offer.
Shopping for Wedding specialists
should be just like booking any
other professional.

Here are some tips to keep in mind
when looking for Wedding specialists
to book for your Wedding day:

•Take advantage of local Bridal shows and Bridal
resource centers.
-Use them to do research and to begin shopping.
-You can find almost every Wedding service that
you will need all at one location.

•Be very careful about ordering anything online
unless you have seen it in person first, because
it usually looks different we you see it, then
it does online.
-You don’t know what you are getting, and there
is no one to help you when ordering, so trying to
save money by ordering online, will sometimes end
up costing you more time and money then using a
local Wedding professional.

•Get a minimum of three quotes for each service and
compare them.

•Always compare apples to apples!

-If one quote is much lower then the others, that is
probably not the one to book.
-Just like any product or service, you get what you
pay for.
-If the cost is a lot less then others, there is a
reason for the price difference, and you don’t
want to risk any disaster on your Wedding day.

•Meet with the person who will be in charge of working
at your Wedding.
-This is primarily for officiants, photographers,
videographers, coordinators, entertainment or
disc jockeys.

•Ask to see samples, or a portfolio of previous Weddings.
-Present your ideas, and listen to their suggestions.

•Be very specific about what is included in the price you
are quoted.
-Ask about extra options available and any extra charges.

•Always be sure to get everything you are booking in writing
so both sides are clear on what is included, and the
total cost.

•Go with your intuition when booking, and work with people
you feel comfortable with. This should be fun!
-Price should be a consideration, but shouldn’t be the
reason to book someone.

•Don’t wait to book someone, or put down your deposit when
you decide to use their products or services. If you
wait, they may accept other jobs for that day, and
won’t be available for your Wedding.

•Most importantly, you want to work with professionals that
will make sure your Wedding day is absolutely perfect!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dance at Your Wedding

As a guy, there
was one thing I
was hoping my
fiance at the
time would not
ask me to do at
our wedding.
In fact, I was
convinced the
reason guys shy
of getting married
is the thought of
the First Dance.

Never-the-less my Fiance got me to go
for the first lesson with Jennelle,
at Bella Ballroom. For me to get a
sense if I liked it or not …. I finally
decided to go along.

Working with Jennelle in that first session
was such a pleasure and so easy that I looked
forward to our next session. In fact honest
to goodness, when our wedding was done and
over with and looking back I LOVED one part
of the wedding, and it was the First Dance
and all our practices with Jennelle leading
up to it.

We mastered the dance – I actually would come
home, get on YouTube and find different moves
I liked in Dancing with the Stars and we would
go back for next lesson and ask her to add on….
add on … believe that?

Jennelle was just amazing – a great experience.
Even if not for a wedding and just for weekend fun,
and to learn something great, I really recommend
taking lessons with Jennelle. It will make you
feel great about yourself and enjoy your future
parties/gatherings knowing how to dance and impress.

Guys – you will love your time – trust me.

Bella Ballroom Dance Studio has helped many
individuals and couples feel more confident
on the dance floor. Whether you are planning
for a special event or wedding, want to
“Dance With the Stars,” are an advanced dancer
looking to refine your technique, or would like
to take advantage of the numerous benefits of
Ballroom and Latin dancing, our trained
instructors make it fun and easy to reach your goals.

Beginners welcome... No experience necessary!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fourth of July Weddings

A short note
today just to
say, have a very
safe and happy
Fourth of July.

What a great weekend
to celebrate a Wedding.

Take a minute to think about
all the rights that we have
as Americans, and say a BIG
thank you to all our men and
women who continue to fight
overseas and at home to
protect our freedom.

Join me in being


We are the best!!!