Friday, January 27, 2012

Wedding Day Tips

Here are some basic
common sense ideas
to ensure that your
Wedding day goes well
and is enjoyed to the
fullest by you and
all of your guests.

Hire professionals who specialize in
Weddings and let them help you.
Part of the fee you are paying them,
is for their advise and ideas, so
consider what they suggest.
They have been involved in more
Weddings then you have,
so take advantage of their experience.

Only hire someone that you like and trust. Go with your feelings
after meeting with them. Be sure that you are meeting with
the professional who will be working at your Wedding. If you
meet with a company that will be taking care of sending someone
else to work at your Wedding, be sure that you meet with that
person prior to the day, just to confirm with them what you expect
from them, and to be sure they are a good match for you.

DO NOT ask friends or family to work at your Wedding, taking care
of shooting photos, video, being your DJ, or coordinator.

It is not a good idea to hire friends for several reasons, but most
importantly of all, is that they will need to work instead of being
able to enjoy your Wedding as your guest.
If they don’t work hard, and instead just relax and enjoy the day,
(which is probably what you want them to do anyway) you will be very
disappointed with the quality of their services at the end of your
special day. Many friendships are lost after bad feelings about
a day which should be your happiest ever, and you can't do it again.

Wedding professionals make it look easy, but they are working very
hard to make the day run smoothly and for you and your guests, and
for you to have many priceless memories and keepsakes afterwards.

More tips to come, so I'll see you here again next week!

Publisher of
The Wedding Guide

Thursday, January 19, 2012

More About Bridal Shows

Congratulations, you’re engaged!
What is the next best step in
planning your dream wedding?

Attending a bridal show is the best first step in
planning your wedding. Bridal shows let you shop
and compare wedding services and ideas without
driving all over town. Bridal shows can provide
needed information and services, inspirations,
wedding planning memories as well as awesome savings.
In order to take advantage of all the benefits bridal
shows have to offer, it is best to be prepared.

Not all Bridal Shows are created equal. Find a show
that best fits your style and event. By paying
attention to the location where the bridal show is
being held, this can help you determine a bridal show
that will best fit your style. Talk with other brides
about shows they have attended or check internet
reviews for upcoming shows.

Shopping and comparing wedding services and ideas can
take time, so plan to make a day of it. Arrive early
to see everything and be able to have the opportunity
to speak to wedding professionals about your day.
Be sure to bring along your support team. Moms,
maid of honors, bridesmaids and fianc├ęs are encouraged
to attend. Not only will you appreciate their support
and their help in carrying collected wedding materials,
but you will have created a lasting wedding planning

Bring a check list of services that you need but be
prepared to soak in creative and unique ideas and services
that you may not have thought of that can make your day
complete. Bring along your digital camera/smart phone.
Not only do most bridal shows allow them, they are
encouraged. What better way to remember all that you have
seen and to compare ideas, then by capturing them in a
photo. Remember to share your bridal show experience with
others via facebook or twitter.

If you have chosen colors for your wedding, bring along a
swatch to show potential wedding vendors. If not, pay
attention to displays and designs to get an idea of the
hottest new color combinations, colors that work well
together as well as what you envision would work best for
your event.

Take advantage of show discounts and give-aways. Most bridal
shows will offer a number of bridal shows discounts as well
as door prizes that are given away during and after the
fashion show. Complete wedding packages, honeymoons,
photobooths and dj services are just some of the many door
prizes available to brides. Exhibitors will generally offer
a show discount at their booths which can result in huge

Cake and food samples offered at bridal shows are a great way
to compare cuisine but be sure to eat a light meal before the
bridal show. The samplings probably won’t be enough to get you
through the day.

Bridal show fashion shows feature the latest in bridal gowns
and attendants wear. Although it is great to shop for gowns
in magazines or on the internet, nothing will give you a
preview than what your gown and your attendants’ attire will
look like than to see the gowns in person on the catwalk.
Bridal gown shops are generally on hand to answer your
fashion questions.

With all the many details that are involved in planning a
wedding, no other source provides a better opportunity to
shop and compare services than a bridal show.

Premier Bridal Shows, Southern California’s largest,
upscale bridal shows, has been bringing brides together with
top quality wedding professionals since 1997.
For more information on our bridal shows, visit our website

Friday, January 13, 2012

Enjoy the Bridal Shows in 2012

Enjoy the Bridal Shows in 2012

by Debbie Christensen
Publisher, The Wedding Guide

As a Bride,
you should take
advantage of
Bridal shows,
and attend at
least a couple
of them, with your
Mom or some of
your Bridal party.

The shows can be a lot of fun as well as informative.
You can talk to a variety of different Wedding services,
get some new ideas, and have some of your questions
answered all in one day, at one location, within just
a few hours.

However, not all Bridal shows are created equal!

It is a good idea to contact the facility in which the show
is being held, or the producers, prior to the show, to get
a list of the vendors participating in the show.
The exhibitors should be listed on the show producers website,
along with directions, fashion show times and other information
to help you plan the day before arriving.

There is usually a charge to attend a Bridal show, but if you
pre-register for a Bridal show, most times you will receive a
discount on the entry fee, and sometimes pre-printed mailing
labels for you to use at the show.

When you attend a Bridal show, to make your life much easier,
and for a more enjoyable experience, always remember to
with your name and mailing address on them.

If you have time you can make labels, including your name,
mailing address, e-mail address, wedding date and grooms name.
Almost every booth will have something to fill out with your
information for some type of give-away.

I only know of one Bridal show producer who gives these labels
to Brides if you register in advance, and it is such a great idea.
It really makes registering for give-aways so much easier for both
the Brides filling out the cards, and the vendors trying to read
their writing!

You want to be able to view a few different photographers Bridal
books, watch videos of other Weddings ceremonies and receptions,
taste samples of cake, see DJ’s in action, get ideas for your
flowers, and see a lot of products and services that you hadn’t
even thought of!

A lot of vendors offer discounts, or free merchandise when you book
them from a Bridal show. There is usually a fashion show to enjoy.
Although you might not find your gown or bridesmaids dresses from
the show, it’s fun to watch and get ideas of what styles you may
want to consider. Prizes are almost always given out before and
after the fashion show, and usually you need to be present to win.
Sometimes these are some great prizes given out by the vendors
participating in the show.

The larger Bridal shows can be a bit overwhelming for newly engaged

Actually, the smaller shows are better for crossing things off your
“To Do” list, because it is easier talking to the vendors when it’s not
so busy. That's why it is a good idea to attend both types of shows.

You should mark the business cards of the people you want to contact
later for a consultation. Even though you think you will remember
them, sometimes it’s hard to remember everyone that you talked to
after the show.

The Wedding Guide attends all of the Bridal shows in the South Bay,
Long Beach, Los Angeles and Orange County areas.
The local Wedding expos are listed on our website at:

Be sure to stop by our booth to say “Hi” and to pick up the newest
copy of our Wedding Guide publication.


Happy planning, and we will see you at the next Bridal show...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First 2012 Bridal Shows

Happy New Year to all!

So many Bridal shows
this weekend to start
out the New Year.

We will be attending,
and hope to see all
Brides at one of
these local shows:

Bride World
January 7, 2012 - OC Fair Event Center, Costa Mesa
(800) 600-7080

Blush Bridal Couture
January 6, 7 & 8, 2012
Martina Liana Trunk Show
13011 Newport Ave Ste. 111, Tustin
(714) 573-8000

Bridal Showplace
January 8, 2012 - Queen Mary, Long Beach
(562) 924-2048

Premier Bridal Show
January 8, 2012 - Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach
(714) 572-1363

Crystal Ballroom at The Hills Hotel
January 8, 2012 • 11:00-3:00
25205 La Paz Road
Laguna Hills • (949) 268-9320

Expo Bridal
January 8, 2012 • Hyatt Regency Hotel
1107 Jamboree Road, Newport Beach
(213) 272- 0748